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Amber Presson (1986 - 2017)

I feel bad not putting this up sooner, seeing as Amber unfortunately passed away in August 2017. I hadn't heard from Amber in months so I suspected something had happened to her, although I never thought for a moment that she had passed away. In the middle of November 2017, I did a google search of Amber's name. Don't ask what inspired me to do this, but the results shocked me. Several news reports all confirming the same facts. She drowned trying to save her son from the same fate in a creek just outside Denver. I was shocked to say the least.

Not wanting to believe the news stories I had read online, I posted a link to one of the reports to Amber's Facebook time line asking someone to confirm if the news reports were true. Christmas Eve, I got the confirmation I dreaded. Unfortunately the reports were true, Amber died trying to save her son.

Amber has been a great source of support since I met her online a number of years ago. We could talk to each other about just about anything, we never argued with each other. She did her best to provide for her son. Her son was due to move into to her house the day after she died so he could move to a better school. I can only hope he has been able to move to a better school in spite of Amber's passing.

I will miss her terribly.

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