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Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign
Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!


Privacy / Open Source Links:

Proton Mail
Ubuntu Mate
Mate - My current desktop environment.
Prism Break - Useful site to break free from illegal government spying
Privacy Tools - Same function as Prism Break - useful links to prevent illegal spying
Jamendo - A service which provides a way to LEGALLY download music for free
Soma FM
Diaspora - An open source social network for the privacy aware
Pump - Another open source social network for the privacy aware
XMPP.is - Instant Messaging accounts with jabber.
Open Tube - A decentralised alternative to Youtube
Bit Chute - An alternative to Youtube
Steemit - A social network which gives content creators the chance to earn the Steem crypto currency
Dtube - An alternative to Youtube. Linked to Steemit
Mastodon - An alternative to Twitter

Other Random Favourites:

Steve Bello
Internet Archive
Scott Bidstrup's Site
Help Me Sleep
Josh Woodward
Rainbow Maker
The Movie DB
Movie Chat
The Redmen TV
Empire of the Kop
Windows 93

Waterford Related Links:

Waterford Local Radio
Beat FM
Zenith Classic Rock
Open Tempo FM
Visit Waterford
Waterford Football Club
Waterford Whispers News
South East Maker Space
South East Amateur Radio Group

Other Neocities Sites:

Kyle Delaney
When I was a child in Ferrl Spain
Lily's Flower Garden
AN Lucas
The Lilac Lynx
10mb Manifesto
Robot and Human Comic
The Dastardly Gazette
Cornish Things
The Index Page
The Hydra's Lair
Floppy Jay
Melon King
Arkms World
Geocities 90s

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