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Why have I decided to create a personal site again?

Well I have briefly explained it on the opening page of this site. I'm sick of social media sites. I'm sick of having my data abused by social media sites. Privacy is important to me so I don't want to be putting a lot of information on the bigger social media sites. I use smaller social networks like Diaspora which is open source, but no one cares. They stupidly believe in the idiotic "If I have nothing to hide" principle. Everyone has something to hide, whether they care to admit this or not.

As well as that, social media sites are boring. Everyone's profile looks the same, there's no individuality on these sites. At least with the likes of Neocities there is creativity as everyone can create their sites as they see fit. Speaking of creativity, there's also better content on these sites. Instead of just aggregating media, you need to be able to create something in order for people to keep visiting your site.

One of the nicer reasons I originally started creating a website all those years ago, was to be able to learn something new. At the time I never learned how to create or edit HTML. While I'm still no expert, I do have a much better understanding of how HTML works.

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